El Hierro


Two hours are only needed for knowing the landscape contrasts that characterize El Hierro. The travesty of La Llanía is one of the most famous ones of the Nort-East of the island, in Valverde. Seven kilometers of a round trip reveal captivating scenery to those who enter. From El Brezal, a humid and thick forest, to more solitary lands, to the blackened sand cauldrons, and down to the great Gulf.

The other part of La Rute La Llanía

It’s a path of more length and maybe more intensity, due to that you must go prepared for doing it. It starts in La Llanía’s wheel with then unforgettable scenarios that will be opening as you go along. Leaving behind the laurisilva, you appear in la hoya del Morcillo, stopping by el Lomo’s wheel, a reforestation area, and until the viewpoint facing the boiler of la hoya de Fireba. For finishing the path with a legend, you must go to the witches’ dance hall.

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