Bucear en El Hierro


In this zone, the rocky bottom has a very pronounced slope and homogenous that goes from around -10m to more than -40m. From a certain depth, the bottom is made of lava dams perpendicular to the coast and that breaks the routine of the slope. In these embossments, there are grouped the majority of the fauna: abbots, bream, roosters, dogfish, and groupers, some of them of great size in the deepest part, although I shouldn’t hope that they are as confident as in other areas. The slope eventually becomes steeper since we are at

35-40m, where the black coral starts to appear on the rock ledges. At this bottom it gains depth easily, due to the slope and the usual clarity of the water, so we have to be careful and don’t go beyond our security limits. Anyways, is in the embossments and cracks of the stone dams where we have the most interesting thing of the immersion.

  • Level: Open Water
  • There are currents: No
  • Depth: 40 m
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Sea/ Ocean departure from the ship
  • Temperatura temperature: 19 ° in Winter -23° in Summer
  • Outside temperature: 20º in Winter – 26º in Summer
  • Visibility: High (30m)
  • Bottom: Sand and rock


  • Groupers, Abalone, Manta rays, Lobsters, Blue grouper, Blue megrims
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