El Hierro


This is the highest point of the island, it’s elevated around 1501 m, it’s the central point of the cliff’s vertice of Macafete. It’s maybe one of the less accessible viewpoints of the island and due to the height of the island it’s usually completely cloudy, so you must check the weather and make sure that the sky is clear before going to visit. You can arrive there through an earthy road that is very uncomfortable for driving but with a natural enchantment that you will not find on the island. If you like adventures, this is your route. The High Malpaso, which has important for the people from El Hierro, is a mandatory place for stopping by the traditional path where La Bajada de la Virgen de los Reyes since 1741.


  • Viewpoint
  • Touristic information
  • Trekking route
  • Parking
  • Height of 1501m
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