Bucear en El Hierro


This immersion starts just where the jetty breakwater was linked to the veril of Punta Restinga. It is usually the most guarded and relaxed of all that we do in this verile, especially in terms of the current. We go down with the breakwater bonuses at the sight and we continue until the start of the verile of the tip. Following the wall of this and to different coordinates, there are multiple cracks and small caves that work as a shelter for moray eels and murions. The fauna is abundant and diverse, with a lot of cichlids, blue grouper, black sea bream, horse mackerel, etc. The logic thing is to go through the verile wall in its base for ater doing the reserve path but at less depth. Is precisely the most isomeric area that seems to be the most attractive one, with parallel cliffs and more abundance of fishes, that usually show themselves confident with the diver.

  • Level: Open Water
  • There are currents: No
  • Depth: 18 m
  • Difficulty: Low
  • Sea/ Ocean
  • Departure from the ship
  • Water temperature: 19 ° in Winter -23° in Summer
  • Outside temperature: 20º in Winter – 26º in Summer
  • Visibility: High
  • Bottom: Sand and rock


  • Mantas, Cuttlefish, Octopuses, Turtles, Manta rays.
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