Bucear en El Hierro


A sharp submarine mountain of vertical walls where the currents feed a varied and abundant marine fauna Located in the Southern part of El Hierro, in front of the fishermen’s town of La Restinga, this goes down two mounds of nine meters depth, which is one of the best diving points for diving in the Marine Reserve. La Restinga- Mar de las Calmas is considered one of the best diving points in Europe.

They are habituated by a big quantity of murions and surprising groupers of big proportions. Groups of poplars, abbots, and a big variety of species will wait at the top of the cave, and if during the immersion we look to the blue, it’s very possible to see species of large pelagic species such as amberjacks, devil rays or even the great whale shark.

  • Level : Advanced
  • There are currents: Yes, of medium-high intensity
  • Depth: 60 m
  • Difficulty: High
  • Sea / Ocean departure from the ship
  • Water temperature: 19 º en invierno – 23º grados en verano
  • Outside temperature: 20º in Winter – 25º in Summer
  • Visibility: High (30m)
  • Bottom: Rocky


  • Devil rays, Tunas, Amberjacks, Groupers, Manta rays, Moray eels, Black sea bream, Polecats



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