Bucear en El Hierro


This diving is done altogether the rockfish cantil, where it’s located the “Cueva del diablo” is an earth cave very well-known in which you can enter by swimming or even with a small boat if the tide is adequate. Near there is a very wide cavern that opens above a sandy bottom of around 8m of depth. The cavern is open in its superior part in two big skylights, so the light enters all the center zone, especially after midday. It’s possible to find two types of lobsters in its most reclusive zones, and also the thorny drum, in addition to the small fauna of crustaceans typical of the caves. Outside of the cave is sandy with some loose rocks and we don’t go beyond 15m in the whole immersion. There’s also a stone arch in front of la Cueva del diablo, at just 5 m depth, and that we can visit before finishing the immersion. Easy and adequate diving for all scuba diving levels despite being a cave.

  • Level: Open Water
  • There are currents: No
  • Depth: 17 m
  • Difficulty: Bajo
  • Cave/Cenote departure from the ship
  • Water temperature: 19 º in winter – 23º in summer
  • Outside temperature: 20º in Winter – 26º in Summer
  • Visibility: High (30m)
  • Bottom: Sand and stone


  • Octopus, Groupers, Manta rays, Moray eels, Spiny dogfish, Lobsters, Tunas
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