El Hierro


El Garoé, in the amazing language river or lagoon, it’s also known as Saint Three or Sacred Three. Located in Tigulahe, the actual San Andrés town in El Hierro is probably the three that it has been more written about since centuries before. It’s famous for rescuing the Bimbaches, first habitants of El Hierro, dying of thirst, or supplying the Castilian conquerors with water emanating from its leaves. Because of a hurricane in the XVII century, the original Garoé was destroyed, and a lime tree was planted in its place.

A magical zone and the Water Route.

At about 500 meters of the three, there is the Interpretation Center of Garoé, which shows the past of the aborigines for obtaining water and for knowing the natural phenomenon of the horizontal rain and the archeological and cultural richness of this mystical place. The Water route starts and finishes in San Andrés. A footpath of 16 kilometers shows the importance of the water and the history that it’s behind it.

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